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County Committee Rules

At the September 21, 2016 County Committee meeting, we proposed common sense rule changes to make the Brooklyn Democratic Party more accessible, accountable, and transparent, but the party leadership abruptly shut down the meeting and refused to allow a vote. Read our press release about the meeting.

We are delighted that as of 2015, the Brooklyn Democratic Party finally has a website. This was something we had been asking for for years! Well done, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Democratic Party

At the September 17, 2014 Kings County Democratic County Committee meeting, the following rules were distributed to the full membership.

Party Rules

Also distributed at this meeting was a one page financial report.

Source: http://www.newkingsdemocrats.com/county_committee_rules

The rules as published: https://static.outrageddems.nyc/CountyRules/KingsCounty.pdf